Alex Lopez sentenced to one year probation

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Former Milwaukee Police Sergeant Alex Lopez was sentenced to one year probation on Friday, March 28th. But there's still another chapter left in this story.

The Milwaukee Police Department fired Lopez in summer 2013 after investigating a complaint. However, Lopez appealed that decision -- so there still hasn't been a final outcome as it relates to his employment with the city.

Lopez did, however, receive his legal punishment after pleading guilty to unlawful use of a phone. He avoids jail time by accepting a plea deal that reduced the charged to unlawful use of a phone -- a misdemeanor.

In August 2013, Lopez was arrested on a charge of stalking. Prosecutors say he began dating a Jefferson County woman in January. But after a few months, the relationship soured.

"She attempted to break off the relationship and the defendant started continuously texting her, calling her, and driving by her house," said Erin Karshen, assistant district attorney.

Prosecutors add, the 16-year MPD veteran didn't just go to the woman's house, he stayed there.

"At one point, there were 51 voicemail messages over a span of time but they said things like `I know there are lights on at your house, I`m sitting outside of your house, I`ll sit here until you let me in," said Karshen.

Lopez's lawyer says the 38-year-old knows he used bad judgment, but has already learned his lesson.

"Other than a monitoring standpoint, I don`t know what the purpose of probation is. My client has demonstrated since August that he can comply with court orders," said Jonathan Smith, Lopez's lawyer.

In the end, the judge rules that probation is the proper sentence.

Again, Lopez is appealing his termination from the police department. MPD declined to comment on the appeal or Friday's sentence.