After tragedy in Boston, safety and security in Milwaukee is top of mind

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Following the tragedy in Boston, security at public venues and events is top of mind for many. Many of the representatives for places like Miller Park, Summerfest and so on will not speak about their specific safety plans for security reasons. However, all acknowledged securing the city's large stadiums and festival grounds is a big challenge.

Baseball fans seemed a little more aware of their surroundings as they passed through the Miller Park gates on Tuesday, April 16th -- one day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon that left three dead and nearly 150 injured.

A Brewers official would not say whether safety screening procedures at Miller Park were different on Tuesday, but at least one Milwaukee police officer was stationed at every checkpoint.

Fans like Dan Schroeder said things seem relatively normal.

"It is surprising to me, but I feel safe," Schroeder said.

The Milwaukee Bucks stepped up security at the BMO Harris Bradley Center months ago. The team added a new screening and wanding policy at the Bradley Center.

Sports stadiums aren't the only large Milwaukee gathering places considering increasing safety after the bombings in Boston. Securing Milwaukee's many festival grounds requires a lot of coordination as well.

State Fair Police Chief Tom Struebing says guarding the fair is not nearly as complex as protecting a big, sprawling public course marathon. However, he says there are different challenges.

"Yeah we can control the entrances we do -- bag checks at the various gates, but you can't always find everything so we have to be prepared for something bad to happen here and we do," Struebing said.

Struebing says his officers go through special training to recognize potential bombs or people acting like they might be planting a bomb.

A Miller Park spokesman would not say whether similar precautions are taken at Miller Park -- only saying safety is the team's highest priority.

"With everything happening in Boston I thought there`d be a little more security. I see they`re checking bags outside a little bit but nothing more than usual actually," one Brewers fan told FOX6 News Tuesday.

Everyone FOX6 News spoke with on Tuesday acknowledged Milwaukee doesn't really have anything like the Boston Marathon -- a truly large event that stretches such a large area. For that reason, it is tough to take lessons from Boston -- other than to stay vigilant.