After pursuit, police recover 30+ car batteries taken from locked storage unit at Walmart store

BROWN DEER -- Alert police officers were able to quickly recover 30+ car batteries taken from a locked storage unit attached to the Brown Deer Walmart store.

According to a press release from Brown Deer police, on Monday, October 30th, around 4:15 a.m., officers learned that a high-value item tracked on behalf of Walmart was moving when it should've been stationary.

A responding officer observed a suspicious vehicle that appeared to be associated with the reported movement of the item, and an attempt was made to stop that vehicle -- which fled into Milwaukee.

A pursuit ensued, and a PIT maneuver was used to stop the suspect vehicle.

A passenger, a 50-year-old Milwaukee man, was arrested after a short foot pursuit. The driver fled on foot and wasn't located.

The 30+ car batteries taken from the Walmart storage unit were found inside the suspect vehicle.

An investigation is ongoing.