After homeless man passes ‘call the police’ note at McDonald’s, deputy buys him new shoes

A deputy went above and beyond when he responded to a call involving a homeless man who passed a note to a McDonald’s employee in Collier County, Florida.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office wrote about the deputy’s good deed in a Facebook post on Friday. 

Authorities said just after 10 a.m., a McDonald’s employee called the sheriff’s office to report that an older gentleman had passed her a handwritten note.

The note read, “Call the police, I need to speak with an officer.” 

The employee called, thinking the man might have trouble hearing or speaking, according to the sheriff’s office.

Cpl. Brian DiSarro responded, only to learn that the man, who was homeless, needed help because he had holes in his shoes that were causing his feet to hurt.

DiSarro took it upon himself to buy the homeless man new shoes, socks and a shirt.

The two posed for a photo together, a masked DiSarro holding one side of the new shirt as the smiling man held the other.

“We never know what kind of call we're going to get here, but we do our best to help,” the sheriff's office wrote.