Act of kindness costs one man his classic 1966 Rambler convertible

KENOSHA (WITI) -- An act of kindness costs one man his classic car. Kenosha police are now on the hunt for the vehicle, a 1966 Rambler convertible.

Investigators say the owner of the Rambler was at a friend's house back in July when a neighbor popped over to offer his services as a mechanic for the car.

"He took him up on his offer, thought he'd help the guy out doing a little bit of work on the side. About a month or so elapsed, he paid the guy approximately $900 to buy different parts for the car and help him out a little bit with the work that he did," said Lt. Brad Hetlet of the Kenosha Police Department.

The owner periodically checked in on the car's status. But over the months, that mechanic became harder and harder to reach. Eventually, he moved, stopped responding to the owner, and the classic car went missing. That's when Kenosha police stepped in. They think the vehicle may have been sold for cash -- or even parted out.

"Hopefully if the vehicle was sold, whoever bought it would now realize that the vehicle is missing. It's been reported stolen and that they would contact us to turn it in and hopefully lead us to the whereabouts of the mechanic," said Hetlet.

Officials are asking the public to keep an eye out for the Rambler -- and they offer this advice.

"I guess my suggestion would be not to give anything of value to somebody to work on unless you know that person pretty well or there's a recommendation from a friend," said Hetlet.

If you have any information about the vehicle's whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Kenosha Police Department.

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