ACLU trains folks in Racine on what to do if/when you're pulled over

RACINE (WITI) -- The ACLU of Wisconsin held a program in Racine on Thursday, March 6th in which they spoke with people about what to do and what not do to if and when you are stopped by police.

The ACLU says it is all about maintaining your composure and knowing your civil rights.

"Everybody is entitled to same quality policing. Just because you're black or brown doesn't mean you get a lower quality of policing," Emilio De Torre, the Director of Youth and Programs at the ACLU of Wisconsin said.

De Torre on Thursday provided free training in Racine regarding what to do if you are pulled over by law enforcement officials -- with officers from the Racine Police Department in the crowd.

"This kind of training is important for people because it's important to know your rights and it's important to know what's expected of our officers on traffic stops as well,"

De Torre says there are three things to remember if a person feels their rights are being violated. These are three things an individual can say to police:

    For Donnis Jones, Thursday's class was not only a learning experience, but says he will pass along what he learned to his friends.

    "Growing up in a black neighborhood and Latino neighborhood, it's bad to say but it's always been, people think, it's us against the police. But now that I know if I see something happening to somebody I say 'hey don't you know that you have certain rights -- that you can file a complaint with the Fire and Police Commission.' I never knew about that," Jones said.

    The ACLU of Wisconsin conducts a range of workshops and trainings for community organizations and groups, where individuals learn about their rights during elections, protests and demonstrations, and encounters with law enforcement.

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