Aaron Rodgers teams up with Hartland girl in heartwarming video: So what is Aaron really like?

HARTLAND (WITI) -- Aaron Rodgers has done it again! The latest "It's Aaron" video featuring the Green Bay Packers quarterback has gone viral -- not for highlights on the football field, but for what he did for a young girl from Hartland.

Annie Bartosz is about to turn 13. Her mission is to spread awareness about cancer -- after her twin brother passed away two years ago.

"I created a childhood cancer awareness project called 'Gold' in September," Annie Bartosz said.

It has been nine years since Annie's twin brother Jack was diagnosed.

"We miss Jack dearly, with all of out hearts. We know Jack would want us to do something positive, so Annie has embraced that and taken that to heart in a way that my husband and I would have never dreamed," Annie's mother Sarah Bartosz said.

Recently, Annie got some help with her mission to raise awareness about childhood cancer after a big surprise!

"Annie thinks she's doing an interview for pediatric cancer, but I'm her interview," Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said.

In the video, the young girl never glances up to see who her makeup artist really is. Eventually, she realizes that Aaron Rodgers is standing in front of her -- and she can hardly believe it!

As she's trying to comprehend this big surprise, Aaron Rodgers makes her an offer -- to go knock on doors in the neighborhood, and talk to folks about childhood cancer. For three hours, Aaron Rodgers and Annie encouraged people to wear gold in September.

Each and every knock in a Shorewood neighborhood brought a surprise for someone new.

So what is Aaron Rodgers really like?

"Attractive! Haha! He's just a genuine, nice person who honestly cares about people," Annie Bartosz said.

The video shows a teenage girl getting help from the Packers' star, as the rest of us discover who Rodgers really is.

"The possibilities are endless I think, and one of my goals is for kids to help kids. There is just so much we can do that hasn`t been thought of yet," Annie Bartosz said.

The six-minute video featuring Annie Bartosz and Aaron Rodgers has been viewed more than 168,000 times online.

We're told Aaron Rodgers was close to Annie's brother Jack before his passing.

CLICK HERE to access the website for the "Gold in September" initiative.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the "I Back Jack Foundation" established in honor of Jack Bartosz.

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