"A lot going on" at Kenosha's Amazon Fulfillment Center on Cyber Monday -- and they're hiring!

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

KENOSHA -- On Cyber Monday, November 27th, for the sixth straight year, online spending was expected to hit a record high -- an estimated $6.6 billion according to Adobe Insights, with peak buying times coming between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., just before the deals would disappear.

Cyber Monday 2017 was especially exciting for an Illinois woman who was invited into Amazon's Kenosha Fulfillment Center to watch as millions of packages were shipped across the world. The former nurse was especially interested in what was in those boxes.

Dana Mitchell


"It's like a dream," Dana Mitchell, designer of Adorn512 said as she stood inside Amazon's Kenosha Fulfillment Center on Cyber Monday.

She watched as 3,500 workers used millions of boxes and miles of conveyor belts to deliver online packages worldwide.

"It's fun. We've got a lot going on," John Henry, general manager said.

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

Out of the millions of boxes zipping by, Mitchell was on the lookout for one.

"I wonder. I do wonder," Mitchell said.

The Illinois nurse was making jewelry in her spare time when Amazon came to her -- offering to sell her specialty pieces worldwide. She jumped on board faster than a package leaves the Kenosha plant!

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

"If you ordered something right now, by the time we're done singing a Christmas carol your order is on its way," Kerri Catallozzi, Amazon spokeswoman said.

Over the past two years, sales of Adorn512 on the "Handmade at Amazon" website have kicked into high gear.

"I have my jewelry in the fulfillment center and I'm bringing more of it," Mitchell said.

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

More bracelets, necklaces and rings that Mitchell hopes will leave the distribution center so fast she'll only catch a glimpse.

"I'm pinching myself," Mitchell said.

Kenosha Amazon Fulfillment Center

The Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha is big business for Mitchell and thousands of others. Amazon is hiring 1,000 seasonal workers, and the GM said many will be asked to stay on permanently.