'A little intimidating!' Police, civilians test their motorcycle skills at Miller Park course during Harley's 115th

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 found police officers and civilians facing off at Miller Park Thursday, Aug. 30, during Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Celebration -- all in good fun.

Between sharp turns and tight corners, the pressure was on! This skills course involved both speed and precision.

Harley-Davidson skills challenge at Miller Park

Nick Kiedrowski

"Make no mistake -- it's very difficult, regardless of how easy they make it look," said Nick Kiedrowski with Harley-Davidson communications.

Police officers and civilians spent the day practicing on the course.

"It's pretty tight, but it's fun. You have to be pushed and challenged, and that's what it's about," said Cherela Day, rider from Tennessee.

Designed for the 115th anniversary celebration and unveiled on Wednesday night, Aug. 29, competitors on Thursday raced through orange cones, spelling out 115 HD.

Harley-Davidson skills challenge at Miller Park

Cherela Day

Harley-Davidson skills challenge at Miller Park

"It was a little intimidating at first. Just over 3,000 cones, we're told," said Brian Hodgins, Ontario Provincial police officer.

One rider at a time, points were deducted if cones were tipped over or tapped, as judges on the sidelines kept track.

Harley-Davidson skills challenge at Miller Park

"It shows how dedicated they are, not only to the sport of motorcycling, but Harley-Davidson as well," said Kiedrowski.

Spectators watched with admiration.

"You have the community watching, on top of how you want to perform yourself -- so it's good stress," said Hodgins.

Harley-Davidson skills challenge at Miller Park

"What else can you do to learn from all the great riders all over the world?" said Day.

The "Police and Civilian Skills Competition" continues Friday, Aug. 31 at 8 a.m. for preliminary rounds, with finals on Saturday -- and it's free.

During the event, orange cones will be available to purchase for $10, with proceeds benefiting C.O.P.S. or Concerns of Police Survivors.