'A huge problem: Witness details shooting outside of Kenosha bar that left man in critical condition

KENOSHA -- Clinging to life after a shooting an a stampede inside a Kenosha bar, a man remains in critical condition. It all happened after a dispute inside a bar spilled out onto the streets.

Fights erupted both inside and outside of MVP Bar in Kenosha. Lots of people spilling onto the busy street and into the neighborhood nearby led to chaos for officers and patrons alike.

Incident outside of MVP Bar

Incident outside of MVP Bar

Chaos as frantic patrons beeline onto the streets outside of MVP Bar.

"I see cop cars pulling up everywhere one at a time," said a witness who wished to remain anonymous. "One corner, second corner, third corner. All of a sudden, I see everyone running out of the bar."

Patrons were trying to dodge the danger brewing around them.

"It was going to happen one of these days, to tell you the truth," said the anonymous witness.

Kenosha police say officers were on scene, attempting to disperse a disorderly crowd which had been asked to leave by security. That's when things got heated inside.

Incident outside of MVP Bar

Incident outside of MVP Bar

"What happened inside is not safe," said the witness.

Police heard gunshots from inside and tried to get in to address the threat. They were met with folks at the door trying to barge out.

"They had a hard time getting out," said the witness. "Cops actually had to pull them out, from what I heard.

Authorities say police were stuck in the doorway behind pushed from behind.

"People did get injured," said said the witness.

Incident outside of MVP Bar

When officers were finally able to get in, they discovered a 28-year-old man shot in the neck.

"He is in critical condition," said the witness.

While first responders tended to him, officers were breaking up more fights.

"This is a huge problem," said the witness.

Incident outside of MVP Bar

Some folks working and living nearby are frustrated by the crime the nightlife on this block brings, and hopes this incident is a wake up call for safety.

"Hopefully the gentleman that got injured, everything goes right with him," said the witness. "Luckily, nothing happened to everybody else."

Police have not identified the suspect involved, and are following up on numerous leads. Anyone with information or video of the incident is asked to give them a call.

Incident outside of MVP Bar