A Harley love story: Illinois couple visits Brady Street Block Party for H-D's 115th

MILWAUKEE -- The Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary celebration was just starting to rev up on Brady Street Friday, Aug. 31 as riders made their way to the block party.

The bars were getting more packed by the minute as the Labor Day holiday weekend kicked off.

Brady Street Block Party for H-D's 115th

Brady Street Block Party for H-D's 115th

The block party was meant to celebrate the American icon's 115th anniversary -- one of many parties throughout the Brew City.

Nora Kleckner

FOX6 talked with a lot of people about what Harley means to them. One couple actually met online, and bonded through their love of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Fast forward a couple of years, they're married, and wanted to celebrate the bikes together in the birthplace of Harley.

"I've always loved Harleys. I haven't ridden forever for the last eight years, so it was always kind of a romantic feeling for me, and so since this is the home of Harley, we decided to come up for the 115th anniversary," said Nora Kleckner from Illinois.

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