'A brutal time:' Family, friends honor life of Kaylie Juga, shot and killed in her Kenosha home

Jennifer DeZoma

KENOSHA -- Loved ones came together to honor the life of Kaylie Juga, 15, Monday, May 20 as a visitation was held in Kenosha. The young student-athlete was shot and killed, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. Juga's mother Stephanie was wounded.

Hand in hand, family members, friends and even strangers said their goodbyes.

"Kaylie was my best friend," said Jennifer DeZoma.

The death of the 15-year-old brought hundreds of people to Piasecki Funeral Home on Monday, May 20.

"I'm going to miss her so much," said DeZoma.

Kaylie Juga, Juga family

DeZoma said Juga, a sophomore at Bradford High School, was friendly with everyone.

"She could just walk in the room and light it up. She could make everyone smile. It was amazing," said DeZoma.

The Honor Roll student, athlete and varsity cheerleader's life was cut short on Thursday, May 9.

"It's definitely different without her," said DeZoma.

Chuck Smith

Prosecutors said Martice Fuller, 15, Juga's ex-boyfriend, entered her family's home and shot and killed Juga and injured her mother Stephanie.

"They're getting a lot of help, a lot of support. This has got to be a brutal time for them," said Chuck Smith.

Community members -- both those who did, and did not know Kaylie Juga personally -- showed up Monday to support the family. Smith served in the Army with Juga's father, Nicholas.

"I remember the day him and his wife brought their daughter into the Armory," said Smith. "They were very proud parents."

Described as having a zest for life, those who knew Kaylie Juga said she won't be forgotten.

Kaylie Juga

"Just keep smiling. We know that she's watching over us," said DeZoma.

Packets of seeds were handed out during the visitation, with a message on the envelope asking members of the community to plant them with hope that when they bloom, they would serve as a reminder of Kaylie Juga's life.

Funeral services will be held privately. Meantime, a GoFundMe page set up to support the Juga family has raised close to $60,000.