'A big relief:' People flock to parks, respect social distancing to enjoy warm weather

GLENDALE -- Milwaukee County officials expressed concerns about crowds as warm weather arrived Saturday. But what FOX6 News saw was many people enjoying the day responsibly -- and sticking close to home.

Boy playing with Nerf gun

Whether it was bike riding on the state's many trails or canoeing, Nerf gun fighting or running, grilling-up grub or any other activities -- many found ways to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors Saturday.

"Today it was awesome to get out because you're cramped up so long together in a little spot," Park-goer Clamentas Weathers said. "Just to break free so you don't drive each other crazy is just a big relief."

Milwaukee County Parks officials encourage everyone to get out in the sun and enjoy its more than 15,000 acres of nature.

Jen Francis

"Enjoy the parks close to your home and just take care of each other when you're out enjoying the outdoors," Jen Francis with Milwaukee County Parks said.

However, the parks department also asks everyone to mind their trash and avoid crowds.

"Our staffing levels are significantly lower than usual right now," said Francis. "We're also encouraging everyone to walk to neighborhood parks rather than driving to destination parks like the lakefront, or other busy locations, traditional busy locations."

Playground closed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Those observed Saturday respected social distancing rules and closures of playgrounds, restrooms, basketball and tennis courts and more -- making the most of their time together.

Clamentas Weathers

"This park is big enough where everybody can have their own separate area, ain't everybody got to be cluttered together," Weathers said. "Everybody can still be distanced and still have a good time at the same time."

Milwaukee County officials said it has been a successful week with several golf courses reopened.

They are looking for a soft reopening of McKinley Marina this coming Friday, May 8.