911 butt dial inside bar leads to arrest of 25-year-old man in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- A 25-year-old Random Lake man was arrested after the Washington County Sheriff's Office says he butt dialed 911 inside a bar and dispatchers overheard him admitting he wasn't OK to drive and was searching for his keys.

Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, October 8th, the sheriff's office says a 25-year-old Random Lake man accidentally called 911 while at a tavern in the Town of Farmington. The man was overheard by dispatchers talking with a group of other people stating he could not see straight and was not able to safely drive a car.

Officials say dispatchers also heard the man state he was looking for his keys.

Deputies were able to locate the tavern, and around 2:55 a.m., they found seven people inside the bar after hours.

The Washington County sheriff's says the caller was arrested for bail jumping. He is currently out on bond for his second drunk driving offense with a condition of absolute sobriety; the man's BAC Sunday night was a .22.

Another bar patron, a 61-year-old Milwaukee man, was on parole for a previous cocaine charge and was taken into custody for violating his rules.

The bartender, a 33-year-old Fredonia man, was cited for after hours operation of a licensed premises.