8th Aldermanic candidate accuses incumbent of violating finance laws

MILWAUKEE -- Allegations have been made by 8th Aldermanic District candidate Ben Juarez, claiming current Alderman Bob Donovan violated campaign finance laws.

Juarez filed an official complaint with the Milwaukee Board of Commissioners and the Government Accountability Board.

Juarez said some that contribute to Donovan's campaign exceeded the legal limit - some even doubling that limit.

"We need a clean government that works for its citizens, and this is where it starts. Mr. Donovan's behavior is unacceptable by any standard, and I hope that the citizenry would hold me to the same standard that I am holding Alderman Donovan," Juarez said.

"Quite frankly, I don't think there's anything to it. It's not uncommon over a four-year cycle and people have to keep in mind, over a four-year period, the campaign cycle runs that few individuals end up going over the allotted amount. When we become aware of that, we send the money back," Donovan said.

Juarez also said that Alderman Donovan has done this in past campaigns. Donovan says that when they found those incidents, they sent the money back.