87-year-old woman rescued after driving car into pond

CEDARBURG -- An 87-year-old woman was taken to the hospital after she drove her car into a pond around 11:00 Sunday morning in Cedarburg.

Police say the woman was unable to stop at a stop sign, and attempted to turn. Instead, she lost control of her SUV and ended up in the pond.

A witness to the accident used a paddle boat to assist her, until firefighters arrived. They were eventually able to rescue the woman by busting out a back window.

"A passerby stopped with a pickup truck and said 'do you need help?' He had some towing straps in the back of the truck. The rescuers swam some straps out and hooked them up to the axle, swam it back, but they were a little short. He had a second rope in his truck and they got that all hooked up. The pickup truck actually very slowly pulled her and her vehicle over to the shore," Cedarburg Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Vahsholtz said.

Police say the woman will be ticketed for reckless driving and her license will be evaluated due to her medical condition.