8.3 pounds of marijuana, 499 THC vape cartridges recovered when search warrant executed in Caledonia

CALEDONIA -- More than eight pounds of marijuana and nearly 500 THC vape cartridges were recovered when officials with the Racine County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant in Caledonia Friday morning, May 17.

The warrant was executed around 9:30 a.m. on Douglas Avenue near Johnson Avenue in Caledonia.

Investigators recovered 8.3 pounds of marijuana (3,786 grams), 499 vape cartridges containing approximately one gram of THC each, a digital scale, heat sealer for plastic bags, packaging materials, drug paraphernalia and a Quest card listing to Goran Ivic.

A news release from the Racine County Sheriff's Office said Ivic is a convicted felon from new Hampshire -- convicted for drug related crimes.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling in the release pointed out that the 8.3 pounds of marijuana would have a street value of $,3000 per pound for high-grade marijuana, totaling $24,900. The cartridges had been selling anywhere from $30 to $50 per cartridge, totaling an average of $19,960. The release said they appeared to have been made commercially -- possibly in one of the states having legalized recreational marijuana -- and then likely shipped or mailed here along with the marijuana.

“I understand the debate about marijuana, but it should anger all of us that Goran Ivic, a convicted felon, is a recipient of the taxpayer funded FoodShare Wisconsin program, also known as Quest, and was busy selling thousands of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs to the very community who financially supports and feeds him. Mr. Ivic provided no proof or verification of legitimate employment whatsoever," said Schmaling in the release.

Charges of possession of THC with intent to deliver, keeper of a drug house for sale/manufacture and possession of drug paraphernalia were referred against Ivic.