78 Marquette students busted for underage drinking

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 78 Marquette University students were busted for underage drinking last Thursday night at an East Side bar.

Victor's is a popular East Side bar that was swarming with police late last week, as Marquette University students were busted for underage drinking.

It happened at Victor's Nightclub after 11:15 p.m. Thursday, April 11th.

Milwaukee police say 57 individuals came forward and provided officers with their fake IDs and real identity. Another 27 patrons were also found to be under 21 -- according to police. Six of the 84 underagers were NOT Marquette University students.

"That is such a large amount of students!" Marquette student Ben Braun said.

Marquette students are surprised by how many were caught, but not surprised to hear where it all went down.

"Victor's is a common place for underagers to go here at Marquette," Mark Difillipo said.

"They want to have fun, go get drunk and of course that's the risk when you go to the bars," Braun said.

Victor's owner declined to go on camera, but says workers did nothing wrong. He says every ID was checked, and said the bar has not been ticketed or fined.

Students say it is unfair.

"When you're caught with underagers that is a huge liability for the business," Braun said.

"I don't know why they raid the bars except to turn a profit," Difillipo said.

Marquette University officials say the incident is currently under review, and everyone caught will be notified and dealt with on an individual basis.

According to the city of Milwaukee's License Department in the past three years, Victor's has not been cited for underage drinking. No problems with the bar have been reported.

Milwaukee police say all students will be cited, as well as the tavern licensee.