71-year-old woman in her home struck by gunshots fired from street

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 71-year-old woman is shot after a gunman opened fire on her home near 17th and Lapham just before midnight on Friday, October 24th. Just hours later two blocks away, more gunfire erupts.

Police responded to the neighborhood shortly before midnight.

Officials say initially the victim indicated she did not realize she was shot. Later, she was taken to a hospital — and her wound is believed to be non-life threatening.

The motive for this incident is unclear.

Joe Delvaje is shaken up realizing he had a close call. He went to see what the banging was at his front door, and was greeted by a gunman. He says the man opened fire, shots pierced through his front window -- thankfully he ducked and just missed being hit.

"I look on the side and BANG," said Delvaje.

Delvaje's 71-year-old wife wasn't so lucky. Bullets also went flying through the living room striking his wife.

"She on the sofa and she playing the crossword," said Delvaje.

Delvaje says the man took off, meanwhile his wife was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

Little did Nelson Correa know, that just hours later, his block would be a crime scene as well.

"I have my grandkids in the house and my daughter, I don't want something to happen to me or my family," said Correa.

Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident. Police responded to a related shots fired incident near 15th and Lapham shortly after 3 a.m.

Correa hopes these recent incidents inspire community members to speak up when it comes to crime.

"The neighbors need to work together if the neighbors see something call police and point the finger to the people," said Correa.

Police tell FOX6 News that multiple people were taken into custody in connection with the shootings. Police say it's still unclear whether the 71-year-old vitim was the intended target.