7-year-old hosts hot chocolate stand fundraiser for Pres. Trump's proposed border wall

AUSTIN -- A 7-year-old boy hosted a fundraiser for President Donald Trump's proposed wall on the southern border.

Shane Stevens, motivated after President Trump's State of the Union address, raised close to $5,000 between his hot chocolate stand sales, Venmo receipts and matching donors. The stand features hot chocolate for $2 and marshmallows, including the "Nancy Pelosi big ones" for 50 cents more, or smaller "Beto" marshmallows for free.

His success has come at a cost, with people calling the young boy "brainwashed" and even "Little Hitler."

"I'm not going to stop the stand until the wall is built," Shane Stevens said in a video response to the online controversy, indicating he was feeling "good" and "strong."

His parents, active members of the Republican National Committee, said their son wants to continue raising money, and ensured the funds would go directly toward the wall.