6-year-old players on youth football team kneel during national anthem in solidarity with Kaepernick

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Last weekend, "The Money Team Red Lions," a youth football team, knelt down during the national anthem in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and other professional football players.

The team is comprised mostly of six-year-olds, and they said they're making a statement.

"A few kids had expressed interest in taking a knee during the national anthem," team manager Coach Macc said. "They watch everything. They hear everything, especially in this day and age."

Coach Macc said the players are eager to participate in conversations about equality. Still, he said, the players received some harsh criticism for their actions.

" saying these kids are thugs, they're going to prison, or they're gonna pick up a gun by the time they're old enough," Coach Macc said.

The coach said he understands why some people don't think the kids should be involved in heated political debates, but he doesn't wish to silence them.

"It's about the way you make your voice heard. It doesn't have to be violent. You can make your voice heard in a peaceful way and speak loud and clear," he said. "I think on Saturday those kids did that."

Every player, most of whom are black, took a knee during the anthem Saturday, and they had the support of their families.