4 men headed to trial in murder of 23-year-old Joseph Riley

Joseph Riley

KENOSHA COUNTY -- Four men accused of a home invasion that resulted in murder are headed to trial. They appeared in a Kenosha County courtroom for their preliminary hearing on Friday, Nov. 30. Joseph Riley, the Kenosha County man they're accused of killing, managed to shoot two of them during the incident that occurred on Thursday, Nov. 15 in the Town of Wheatland.

The suspects in the case are Augustine Sanchez, 20, and Anthony Harris II, 23, Markeith Wilson, 20, and Demarco Hudson, 17. They are all from Racine. The four are accused of invading 23-year-old Joseph Riley's home with the intent to steal marijuana and cash.

Anthony Harris, Demarco Hudson, Augustine Sanchez, Markeith Wilson

"The door frame of the door was kicked inward and broken," said Det. Troy Barnett, Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.

After the suspects kicked in the the door to a home, they didn't count on Riley pulling out his own gun; he struck two of the men.

Anthony Harris

Augustine Sanchez

"Markeith said that he took one or two steps into the house and was shot, and that Anthony took one step into the house and started returning fire with the gun that he was carrying," said Barnett.

A female was also inside the home and was shot multiple times but survived. Riley did not.

Joseph Riley

The defense attorneys took turns trying to distance their clients from the bullets that struck the victims, or at least the intent to harm.

"There is no evidence based on what you have reviewed to suggest that Mr. Sanchez shot a gun that put a bullet in the body of Joseph Riley," said Patrick Cafferty, Sanchez's attorney.

Markeith Wilson

Demarco Hudson

"Co-defendant's statements are inherently unreliable and therefore cannot be relied upon, at least as to my client, Mr. Hudson," said Paul Ksicinski, Hudson's attorney.

"Each of the defendants is, in fact, bound over to circuit court of Kenosha County for further proceedings," said Michael Graveley, prosecutor.

The four men face four charges including first degree intentional homicide and attempted first degree intentional homicide. All combined, they face a possible life sentence.