35-year-old woman rescued from Easter fire has died

MILWAUKEE -- A fire broke out at a home in Milwaukee, early Easter Sunday morning. One woman almost lost her life, but crews were able to rescue her from the home. It happened on 106th Street in Milwaukee. The Medical Examiner's office confirmed Thursday, April 12th that 35-year-old Kenyata Hawkins had died.

The Medical Examiner said an autopsy will be performed but it is likely the cause of death was related to the fire.

Firefighters rushed to the scene early Sunday morning. While en route, they got word a 35-year-old woman was trapped inside a burning home. Firefighters found the woman in the home, unconscious. "We were able to get her down the stairs, and then the paramedic unit had already wheeled their cot to the front. They were able to initiate life-saving procedures," Milwaukee Fire Captain Brian McNulty said.

Crews say the woman had no pulse and was not breathing, but they were able to resuscitate her. "My first thought was, we have to get moving at that time, because as soon as you get her revived, it's a very time-sensitive issue, obviously. You want to get her to even more advanced health care," Milwaukee Fire Lieutenant Brian Moore said.

Crews transported the woman to the hospital. "It's an unfortunate circumstance that the woman was trapped, but when we put our plan into action and we're able to pull off a rescue," Capt. McNulty said.

The woman's teenage daughter was also home at the time of the fire, and when the fire started, she made a brave move. The 14-year-old quickly went to get help for her mother, jumping out of the top window of the home.

It was a long night for Shavon Wilson and her husband, Darren. They got an unexpected knock on their door around 4:00 Sunday morning, April 8th. At the door -- Wilson's teenage neighbor. "We just heard her screaming. My husband answered the door, and it was her house on fire," Shavon Wilson said.

Darren Kline quickly ran across the street, but he couldn't get into the home. He alerted another nearby neighbor to let them know what was going on. "I looked on the side of the house and saw flames coming from the back of the house," Darren Kline said.

Firefighters arrived and blocked off the area. Crews then rescued the teenager's mother, who was trapped inside the home.

Firefighters say there was a large fire in the kitchen on the first floor, causing damage. Darren Kline and his wife say it was a scary situation, but they were more than happy to help their teenage neighbor and her mother.