3 arrested after stolen gun found in UWM's Sandburg Hall

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned UW-Milwaukee Police arrested two UW-Milwaukee students and one additional individual after a gun was discovered inside a dorm room at Sandburg Hall.

UW-Milwaukee Police tell FOX6 News they got a call around 4:00 a.m. from a student who said he came back to his dorm room in the South Tower of Sandburg Hall and found a gun that wasn't his on his bed.

UW-Milwaukee Police say they went to the student's room and discovered the gun, which they say was stolen.

Police say they also discovered electronics in the room that the student said did not belong to him, or to his roommates.

Police looked at security cameras and discovered suspects getting into Sandburg Hall's North Tower elevator.

Sandburg North was then placed on lockdown -- and police began searching room by room, floor by floor.

Three individuals were taken into custody on one of the highest floors of the building. They include two students/residents of Sandburg Hall, and one non-student/non-resident, according to police.

Police say they believe the suspects were able to steal items from about 15-20 dorm rooms. Police say that because a lot of the students at UW-Milwaukee are not on campus on the weekends, they do not necessarily know to whom the stolen items belong.

FOX6 News spoke with a woman who says her cell phone was taken after someone walked into her unlocked room.

"My stuff was gone -- just my phone. That's unsettling. It's kinda creepy. We just need to lock our doors -- make sure they're locked. We're getting our stuff back and taking better precautions," UWM sophomore Molly Wiese said.

UWM freshman Mauri Dismukes says she saw two of the three accused burglars get arrested by police at gunpoint. He believes the suspects in this case were going from room to unlocked room - stealing if no one was around. If they ran into someone, Dismukes says they would pretend to be looking for a classmate.

"They used 'Sam' as a fictional character in case someone was there, and would just walk out so it wouldn't be awkward," Dismukes said.

Names of those arrested have not been released. Two of those arrested are 19, and a third is 17.

FOX6 News visited the address of one of those arrested and spoke with a parent.

"My son is not that type of person at all. We don't have anything to share. We don't know anything until you guys come knocking on our door," a parent told FOX6 News.

The following tweets were issued on Twitter by UW-Milwaukee police following this incident:

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