28-year-old woman shot, slumped over dead in car near 77th and Villard

MILWAUKEE -- Homeowners along Medford Avenue called 911 just before 6 p.m. Wednesday night, April 24, after hearing a single gunshot down the street. When they looked out their windows, they said they saw a person in the driver's seat of a green vehicle slumped over.

Milwaukee police said 28-year-old Brandie Toombs died at the scene.

Fatal shooting near 77th and Villard

Fatal shooting near 77th and Villard

"Wow, that's horrible. She was super young too," said Lindsey Weinberger, homeowner.

The green car would be the focus of a Milwaukee police investigation. Detectives spent hours collecting evidence from the vehicle, which appeared to have hopped the curb and crashed into a fence.

Another key piece in the case was surveillance video from Hart Auto, located one block away.


"Some kids came up the road over here. They stopped right behind the fence over there," said Don, Hart Auto.

Employees shared the footage with FOX6 News. It showed two people walking on Villard. They then took a right on Medford, as the green car passed. The car pulled over on Villard for a few minutes, then circled back around and also turned in the same direction on Medford. Less than a minute later, those same two people who were walking could be seen running back toward Villard.

"They were waiting for him. The two kids were waiting for him," said Don.

It's unclear whether those two people were connected to the shooting or were running because they heard the shots fired.