27-year-old father of 6 murdered the day after Christmas: "The person who did it, he knew"

MILWAUKEE -- A 27-year-old man was murdered in broad daylight on the day after Christmas, Monday, December 26th in the usually quiet area near 39th and Michigan in Milwaukee's Miller Valley. The victim has been identified as Deandre Allen.

Allen's mother on Tuesday said her heart is aching, and she wants answers after her son was gunned down and left for dead in the cold.

Shannon Allen

"I just want to know why my son?" Shannon Allen said.

Answers might not give her comfort, but could help with closure.

"He is going to be missed. This is a pain that won't ever go away," Shannon Allen said.

"It's just unbelievable," Keyanna Allen, the victim's cousin said.

Deandre Allen

Deandre Allen's family members said they're not only stunned by his death, but also the person who they say pulled the trigger.

It`s supposed to be a friend that knows him. The person that did it, he knew," Shannon Allen said.

Shannon Allen said she spoke with her son just moments before his death.

Deandre Allen

"Told me 'Mom I am going to meet a friend at the barbershop,'" Shannon Allen said.

She said for some reason, Deandre and this friend traveled to the area near 39th and Michigan -- where he was shot and killed.

"It's just so hard," Keyanna Allen said.

Homicide at 39th and Michigan

Homicide at 39th and Michigan

Family members said Deandre Allen was a father of six, and the family just celebrated Christmas before he was killed.

"He was a character. He was the life of the party. You couldn`t touch his swag. He had the beautiful-est smile there ever was," Shannon Allen said.

Shannon Allen said what she wants now for her son is justice.

Deandre Allen

"Turn yourself in. This pain will continue to go on. You wont live or sleep peacefully. Put the guns down," Shannon Allen said.

As of Tuesday, December 27th, police continued to search for the suspect in this case, and determine a motive for the shooting.

Meanwhile, a celebration of Deandre Allen's life is set for Tuesday evening at 39th and Michigan. A vigil in his honor begins at 6:00 p.m.

Homicide at 39th and Michigan

Homicide at 39th and Michigan