$250K cash bond for Kalin Sunde after authorities said she cut off her GPS monitoring device

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The Waukesha County woman accused of causing a highway standoff and stabbing a K-9 with her bra was in court Wednesday, Sept. 4 after authorities said she cut off her GPS monitoring device and was on the run. Kalin Sunde was found in Milwaukee, and forfeited her $100,000 bond.

Sunde appeared in court Wednesday on new bail jumping charges.

"She did not voluntarily turn herself in," said Sue Opper, Waukesha County district attorney. "She didn't surrender."

Kalin Sunde

Sunde was previously charged after prosecutors said she caused a standoff on I-94, documenting it on social media, before stabbing a K-9 officer with an underwire from her bra.

On Aug. 12, she was out of custody with GPS monitoring after court records showed a Pewaukee man posted her $100,000 cash bond. FOX6 News stopped by that man's home Wednesday. No one answered the door.

Eleven days after posting bond, Sunde's GPS bracelet was removed. She was captured in Milwaukee Aug. 29.

"This was a significant effort by law enforcement," said Opper. "They didn't just stumble onto her like we sometimes do, and she made no effort to turn herself in."

Standoff near Oconomowoc

Kalin Sunde

New cash bond of $250,000 was set Wednesday.

"It's going to make things more difficult, especially with negotiations with the prosecution," said Ben Van Severen, Sunde's attorney. "If these cases do go to trial, there are additional allegations the jury is going to have to consider. It does make any defense attorney's job a little more difficult."

"This amount of cash bail is necessary to assure your appearance in court," said Judge Jennifer Dorow.

Opper said it took 15 Milwaukee police officers and close to 10 U.S. Marshals to locate Sunde.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 12 on the new bail jumping charges.