$23-$33/hour: Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt seeking deputy sheriffs

MILWAUKEE -- Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt is seeking deputy sheriffs, and the position pays $23.60 to $33.85/per hour.

You must apply before June 25.

A news release from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says applicants will be screened, and those selected will then take a written test on July 12 and 13, and a "physical readiness test" on July 21 and 22.

Below are more details about the position of deputy sheriff, from the Milwaukee County careers website -- where you can submit your application. 

Position Type: ​Full-time, Non-Exempt
Department: Sheriff's Office
Compensation Range: $23.60 - $33.85/Per Hour
Closing Date: 06/25/18 @ 5:59pm CST

Job Summary: Under general supervision, perform a variety of duties and tasks related to the protection of life, limb, and property.  Including law enforcement and crime prevention work; inherent in this work is the investigation of crime and forceful apprehension of criminal suspects.

Job Duties:

1.    Under General supervision, perform a variety of law enforcement duties.

2.    To patrol Milwaukee County roads in car or on foot.

3.    To perform law enforcement and crime prevention work by patrolling in car and on foot assigned area including traffic, parking, crowd control, answering calls for service and investigating crimes.

4.    To interview victims, complainants, and witnesses; to interrogate suspects; to gather and preserve evidence.

5.    To keep records, prepare reports and testify in court.

6.    To make arrests as necessary.

7.    To prepare reports of arrests made, investigations conducted, and incidents observed.

8.    To apply force, up to and including deadly force, to effect arrests and maintain order.

9.    To maintain custody of county charges and prisoners during examinations, hearings, hospital intensive security directed missions, trials, or during conveyance to State or County institutions.

10. To work in the county court system as a bailiff and to preserve peace and order in the court at all times.

11. To attend in-service training as mandated by the State of Wisconsin or as directed.

12. To perform duties in a special assignment capacity as assigned; to work within a strict, chain of command military-style structure.

13. To serve warrants, subpoenas, and civil documents.

14. To participate in specialized units.

15. To provide emergency medical care as required as a Law Enforcement First Responder.

Equipment, Tools, and Materials:

During the completion of job duties the following are equipment, tools, and materials utilized: motor vehicle, police radio, First Aid, AED equipment, personal computer, firearms, and handcuffs.

Working Conditions:

Physical Demands: Continuous utilization of fine dexterity function, manual dexterity function, and upper extremity repetitive motion function.  Frequent standing, walking, running, sitting, reaching, climbing, driving, bending, kneeling, lifting and/or carrying 100 lbs. or more, and pushing and/or pulling 200 lbs. or more.  Occasional typing necessary.

Non-Physical Demands: Continuous analysis and reasoning, communication and interpretation, math and mental computation, reading, sustained mental activity including but not limited to auditing, problem solving, composing reports, etc.  Frequent writing necessary.

Environmental Demands:  Very frequent task changes, tedious and exacting work, public contact, physical danger, toxic substances.  Frequent contact with dust, temperature extremes, and loud noises.

Work Schedule:  Considerable irregularity of hours due to frequent overtime, weekend, or shift rotation.  Regular and/or frequent on-call availability.  Nature of work frequently requires irregular, unpredictable, or particularly long hours.

Note: Candidates should expect to be assigned to all shifts, holidays and weekends and/or to work mandatory overtime. Candidates must successfully complete the Deputy Sheriff Training Program. This position is subject to a probationary period of 2600 hours of straight time hours paid, excluding overtime.

This position requires qualifying with a service weapon on a regular basis and successful completion of Law Enforcement Training Courses. Individuals offered employment must pass a pre-employment drug test, medical examination, physical agility test and psychological examination as a condition of employment.

Demands/Deadlines:  High volume and variable work demands and deadlines impose strain on a routine basis or considerable stress intermittently.  Regular direct contacts with distressed individuals within the immediate work environment. Exposure to demands and pressures from persons other than immediate supervisor.  Work requires frequent, substantive contacts with people in highly stressful situations.  Delicacy and unpredictability of contacts routinely creates considerable strain or heavy stress regularly.
Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum age of 21

  • United States Citizenship at time of appointment

  • High School Diploma or Wisconsin GED that meets Wisconsin GED standards

  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s license at time of application and maintained during incumbency

  • Physically able to perform the duties of a Deputy Sheriff

  • Successful completion of the Office of the Sheriff Background Investigation

  • Possession of a two (2) year Associate degree from an accredited technical college or a minimum of 60 college level credits from an accredited college or university.

Physical Fitness Assessment:

All applicants will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform the physical aspects of the Deputy Sheriff position by successfully completing a physical assessment consistent with the State of Wisconsin LESB standards prior to admission into the Sheriff’s training academy and at the time of exit from the Sheriff’s training academy.  

The entrance admission exam is comprised of the following elements and standards:

1.    1.5 Mile Run to be completed in 20 minutes, 20 seconds or less.

2.    300 Meter Run to be completed in 82 seconds or less.

3.    Minimum of 18 Push-Ups completed.

4.    24 Sit-Ups completed within one (1) minute.

5.    Vertical Jump of at least 11.5 inches.

6.    Agility Run completed within 23.4 seconds.

The academy exit exam is comprised of the following elements and standards:

1.    1.5 mile run completed in 16 minutes and 57 seconds or less.

2.    300 meter run to be completed in 68 seconds or less.

3.    Minimum of 23 Push-Ups completed.

4.    Minimum of 30 Sit-Ups completed in one (1) minute.

5.    Vertical Jump of at least 14 inches.

6.    Agility Run completed within 19.5 seconds.

All candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for the position, receive a passing examination score, pass the preliminary background check, and receive a score that falls within the top ten scores awarded; as determined by the preferred qualifications question set and in accordance with the Milwaukee County Civil Service rules; will be invited to participate in a physical assessment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Skill in reading and comprehending written material; oral and written communication skills; ability to gain the respect and control the behavior of offenders; ability to take prompt and decisive action in emergency situations; ability to restrain combative subjects; ability to maintain a positive attitude and emotional control; ability work with computers; ability to follow work procedures and rules; ability to work effectively and harmoniously with others. 

Preferred Education:

Bachelor’s degree in an interdisciplinary field that incorporates the study of law, psychology, sociology, public administration, police sciences, criminal justice, or business; Any Postgraduate level degree, regardless of discipline; Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) certification or completion of Law Enforcement 720 hour Academy.