2020 DNC CEO prepared for 'daunting task' of planning event

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MILWAUKEE -- Speaking to a room full of community leaders and journalists, the CEO of the 2020 Democratic National Convention Committee said he hopes to leave Milwaukee in a better condition than it was when the DNC arrives in July 2020.

"Planning this convention is going to be a daunting task," said Joe Solmonese.

Solmonese spoke at Milwaukee's Newsroom Pub Wednesday, June 19.

"I'm prepared for the challenge. We're inspired to build an infrastructure here that I hope will stay in place," said Solmonese.

Solmonese said one of the biggest challenges is the convention's impact on the community at large.

"A bunch of outsiders come into a local community. We throw a mess of a party, and we pull up our stakes and leave. I can assure you that this is not going to be that kind of a convention," said Solmonese.

With more than a year to go until the start of the convention, a lot of the specifics were still up in the air.

Joe Solmonese

"Everything we do here will be inclusive. It will be transparent, and it will be respectful of this city, and the state of the people that live here," said Solmonese.

One point Solmonese stressed consistently was the fact that the convention will benefit all of Wisconsin, not just Milwaukee.

Some asked questions about the streetcar and job placement. Solmonese said jobs and volunteer listings would pop up as soon as details were finalized. Regarding transportation, Solmonese added anything to help people get around would be relied upon heavily during the 2020 DNC July 13-16, 2020.

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