2012 voter turnout: 70% of voters in WI, 87% of voters in Milwaukee

MADISON (AP) -- Cold, wet weather didn't deter Wisconsin voters from turning out in near record numbers on Election Day.

Tight races for president and the U.S. Senate drew a heavy turnout Tuesday, November 6th in Wisconsin. Government Accountability Board director Kevin Kennedy says it appears more than 70% of Wisconsin's 4.3 million eligible voters cast ballots.

That would be among the biggest turnouts in Wisconsin for presidential elections. In 2008, about 69% of eligible voters went to the polls. Top turnouts of about 73% happened in 2004 and in 1960.

In Milwaukee, unofficial numbers posted to the City of Milwaukee Election Commission's website indicated over 87% of eligible voters took to the polls in Milwaukee, with over 288,000 ballots cast.

The City of Milwaukee's number show just over 79% of voters voted for President Obama, while just over 19% voted for Romney. 76% of City of Milwaukee voters chose Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race, while just over 21% chose Tommy Thompson.