2 McDonald's employees cited with disorderly conduct after fight inside restaurant

GLENDALE -- Two Milwaukee women, both employees of McDonald's on N. Port Washington Rd. in Glendale, were cited with disorderly conduct after a fight broke out inside the restaurant on Thursday, May 10.

The fight broke out after one of the women, 21, stated the employees "were making all this extra food and she did not agree with it." That woman told police most of the employees are related by blood -- and "they all ganged up on her."

Eventually, the argument became a scuffle -- and punches were thrown by both women. All of this happened while about 15 customers were inside the restaurant -- among them, a six-year-old child. One customer stated "he was hit in the chest with a cordless phone."

A police report indicates approximately six other employees were involved in this incident verbally, but not physically.

The disorderly conduct citation comes with a fine nearly $700.