13-year-old girl facing charges after viral video shows three-year-old child caught up in fight

ROWLETT, Texas -- Video shot last week that went viral shows a three-year-old child caught in a fight between teenagers -- and now, a teenager has been criminally charged in connection with the incident.

FOX4News reports police identified the girl on Friday, and she was taken into custody by Sunday night.

The 13-year-old girl was processed into a juvenile justice facility on charges of injury to a child and assault. It is now up to a judge to determine whether she will remain in custody.

The 14-year-old victim in this alleged assault says she was babysitting the three-year-old child seen in the video. The child is the victim's niece.

A video clip of the attack was reportedly first posted on YouTube. It shows two young females demand that another girl “get up.” She is holding the young child and refuses.

The aggressor then pulls the girl up by her hair and the child falls to the ground. The child can be heard crying while the girl is dragged off and beaten.

Police say the victim and suspect went to school together, but only knew one another in passing.

Investigators believe the victim and suspect crossed paths at the playground where the incident was captured on cell phone video.

The original video has since been removed from YouTube.