100-year-old woman dances as Irish police serenade her with celebratory saxophone tune

An Garda Siochana, the national police service for the Republic of Ireland, shared a heartwarming video on April 4 of an officer playing a saxophone while a woman dances to celebrate her 100th birthday. 

An Garda Siochana shared the footage, which they said shows Kathleen Kavanagh being played to by an officer named Mark, who is a member of the force’s band.

"Garda Mark of the Garda Band and Garda Shane, Community Policing Cabra Garda Station, called to celebrate the 100th birthday of Kathleen Kavanagh from Dublin 7 yesterday. Happy birthday Kathleen!" the police service wrote on Twitter. 

"Garda" also commonly known as Gardaí refers to a member of the Irish police force. Garda Siochana translates to "guardian of the peace."