Traveling again: What to expect if you plan on taking a vacation

As states and cities start to open up a bit from quarantine -- many are looking to venture out of the house and take a vacation. Tom Karnes with LaMacchia Travel Agency joins FOX6 WakeUp with what it's like to travel again. 

Recent/Current travel Experience


Mask on:

  • Shuttle/transfer at domestic airport
  • Entire time at airport
  • Duration of flight
  • Customs & immigrations in destination
  • Entire time at destination airport
  • Transfer to/from resort
  • Any time you leave the resort

Mask off

  • While dining or drinking at airport
  • At check-in after you get your temperature taken
  • When dining/drinking in public restaurants off property

Temperature taking

  • Resorts for sure
  • Select airlines

Sanitizers are EVERYWHERE!  Required when entering restaurants

Most have foot/shoe sanitizers as well

  • Negative COVID test documentation
  • Online Health questionnaire

Where do we suggest for a quick vacation NOW

  • Mexico – Health Test questionnaire
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica – negative test required
  • Saint Lucia – negative test required

Medical Insurance is being offered for no additional cost to visitors offered by specific resorts and the Dominican Republic.