Making butter, jam, jelly at home: See how it's all done at My Family Roots Catering

Everything is better with butter! This morning Christina Van Zelst is learning how to make it at home and so much more at My Family Roots Catering

About My Family Roots Catering (website)

My Family Roots LLC offers a variety of creative services weaving food, floral and decor into a one-of-a-kind event you and your guests will always remember. 

We specialize in an artisanal approach to producing your event, starting with eliciting your unique tastes and theme. From there, we develop your personalized Charcuterie or Kaldbords using an array of the freshest homegrown or locally sourced items. Our organic vegetables, herbs, homemade butters and dips combined with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and sweets deliver a sensory treat of not just taste, but of texture, color, and enticing fusions of fragrances to please all your senses.  

The creativity does not stop there, but continues into incorporating floral and décor of your choosing to seamlessly weave all into one magical event for you.