Every K5 student at MPS will see their curriculum come alive at a working farm

Every 5-year-old kindergarten (K5) student in Milwaukee Public Schools - more than 6,000 - will see their curriculum come alive at a working farm under the district's expanding  "Learning Journeys" effort. And today on Real Milwaukee, Chip got a sneak peek look at the hands-on education the students receive at Oak Ridge Farm.

Learning Journeys, which are exclusive to MPS, are more than just field trips.

The grade-specific, highly-developed programs are aimed at engaging the senses and imaginations of students. And the real-world experiences they create for are directly connected to curriculum and what students are learning in classrooms. MPS Learning Journeys take place at some of the region's finest museums, cultural centers and scientific venues.

For the newest MPS Learning Journey, dubbed "The Farm," kindergarten students will understand the connections of Wisconsin farming to their everyday experiences, what animals and plants need to survive and where they live or grow. The Learning Journey, set to begin in 2014-15, will primarily focus on science while also connecting to literacy, social studies and mathematics curricula.