Black Friday done the Milwaukee way: People stood in line for Lakefront Brewery's Black Friday beer

MILWAUKEE -- It's a perfect way to celebrate Black Friday in Milwaukee -- with beer! Lakefront Brewery is hosting its annual Black Friday beer release. And FOX6's Carl Deffenbaugh has been there all morning as the line continues to grow!

About the Black Friday brews (website)

Bourboun Barrel-aged Black Friday

Black Friday™ doesn’t just happen in one day: work on this rarity starts in January. The second dark-roasted malt hits the water in our mash tun, prep for Black Friday™ begins. After fermenting for nearly a month, our brewers fill some 40-odd bourbon barrels by hand with rich, chewy and chocolatey Imperial Stout, where it lays dormant for ten months, picking up vanilla, oak, and toasted almond flavors. Like we always say: Prepare.

Black Friday Vintage Reserve

Black Friday™ Vintage Reserve is the result of our Head Brewer reaching deep in the cellar, taking barrels full of Black Friday™ from 2014, 2015, and 2016 and blending them together. In addition to the classic Black Friday™ flavors— dark-roasted caramel malt and woody bourbon—the extra aging brings out chocolate, blackberry, vanilla, toasted pecan, and graham cracker notes, and is considerably less hot than its younger sibling. Worth waking up for!