Multiple freeze chances for southeast Wisconsin through end of April

Don't plant those gardens quite yet! Southeast Wisconsin began April on a fever pace as highs routinely went above 70°F and even 80°F but those warm temperatures don't look to return for a while. What will be around is the cold air that we'll be flirting with well into late April. 

The nice late spring weather we experience to begin the month is caged up to the west as cooler than average air has bullied it's way into the Midwest and sticks around for the long hall. Minnesota and northern Wisconsin could see multiple rounds of snow during this last stretch of April. 

Cold airmass settling in mid-next week April 21-23

From April 19 to April 23, morning low temperatures will routinely dip into the mid-30s with multiple mornings likely getting to or below freezing. In 2020, our last below-freezing temperature came on May 9 which leaves us plenty of time in 2021 before we can truly say goodbye to cold air. 

Long-term temperature trends keep us below average at least through the 23rd but it is possible warmer air returns by the end of the month.