What in the world? Eerie scene over downtown Milwaukee captured on camera

MILWAUKEE -- It might be the strangest thing you see on FOX6 News all season -- and it has created quite the viral stir online.

What we're talking about happened live on FOX6 WakeUp News on Tuesday morning, Feb. 27. Around 4:43 a.m., our news team took a look at one of our tower cameras -- and witnessed something odd flying in the sky over downtown Milwaukee.

What was it? One theory involves seagulls. FOX6's Amy DuPont (see video below) was in the downtown area that hour -- and captured video of a big flock of seagulls flying around by the Milwaukee County Courthouse. But there are plenty of people who are questioning this theory -- because what's seen on the video just doesn't seem to act like birds flying around.

The video above has been getting shared on Reddit as well as by groups of meteorologists around the country. So, what do you think it is? Share this post with your friends on social media -- get their feedback.

For the record, something similar was captured by one of the FOX6 tower cams on Wednesday morning, Feb. 21. Around 5:27 a.m. a FOX6 News viewer noticed what you see just below (watch in the upper left part of the video -- it's a little more difficult to see). We do not have a definitive explanation for that video either.