Wisconsin staying cooler than average, spring taking its sweet time

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook has below average temperatures for just about the entire U.S. into the end of March

If our recent snow is any indication, winter is trying to hold on as long as it can. While we had a well above average temperature in January and February, Wisconsin is struggling to hit averages so far in March – and that trend likely continues. 

Heading into the final week of March we'll continue to be favored cooler than average when typically the average high should be in the mid-40s. 

We're still a long way off from seeing Virginia bluebells popping up and having bumblebees buzzing around, but spring is just around the corner. On March 20, we enter calendar spring, but that doesn't mean we can't still see snow. 

We're already well into meteorological spring, but calendar spring is just around the corner on March 20

Flurries are quite common through April and, for those new to the area, even in May we get snow from time to time. 

Meteorological spring average high temperatures from start to finish

It might be hard to believe, but average highs approach the 50s as we enter April. In years past, it was not abnormal to seemingly skip spring. In 2022, we struggled to warm up throughout spring but then by May 9 hit a streak of 70s and 80s that continued through summer.