"Smokey Snow" appearing in parts of Wisconsin

Snow is falling in parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota today, but something is a little unusual about the color of the snow...

Smoke from wildfires burning in Colorado have produced "smoke-tinged" snow across parts of the region, leading to images like the one above in Minnesota. Many residents are also reporting an orange/yellowish tinted sky, as smoke continues to filter into the falling snow. 

Several large fires are still burning in Colorado, with the East Troublesome Fire growing 100,000 acres in size in just 24 hours. Over 400,000 acres of land have been burned by these fires in this part of the Rocky Mountains, with reports of 6,000 acres going up in flames each hour on average. 

From satellite imagery, one can see smoke being dragged into the area by upper-level winds just north of the developing low pressure system.  Smoke can be seen here across South Dakota, Nebraska, and northwestern Kansas.