Rainy weather only slightly easing drought conditions in Wisconsin

Rain has been hard to come by in 2021 for just about all of southeast Wisconsin. Recently we have received decent amounts of rain but it still doesn't make up for the drier than average spring. 

Since the start of March our region is 2"-4" below average, Milwaukee has only gotten 2.69" between March 1st and May 5th when we typically receive 6.63" during that time span. 

Fortunately for us, we're finally favored for a wetter than average stretch heading into the midportion of the month. It won't completely eradicate the drought but it will help continue to slowly make a dent.

Southeast Wisconsin is not alone in these drought conditions. Much of the western part of the state through Iowa and just about the entire state of Michigan is experiencing moderate drought conditions. 

Drought monitor as of May 6th, 2021

The rain Thursday morning, May 5 was very beneficial but we could still use a lot more. Our next chance of widespread rainfall arrives Sunday, May 9 with the likely heaviest rain farther south near Illinois. Model trends continue to push this system farther north near Milwaukee but this far out it's hard to give accurate precipitation totals. 

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