Milwaukee in the midst of a historic November warm stretch

The last time Milwaukee had three consecutive days of high temperatures reaching at least 70˚F was November 2008. Multiple times we've had two days in a row of reaching at least 70˚F to start November and most recently 2016.

But we have a chance to shatter all previous streaks if our current forecast holds. We could potentially have seven consecutive days of high temps reaching 70˚F between Nov. 3-9. 

Past high temperatures combined with forecasted high temperatures from November 3rd to November 9th 

The average high to begin the month of November is typically in the low 50s which means to stay this consistent we're well over 20˚F+ above average to start the month. Almost every single day until Nov. 9 we will be flirting with record high temperatures.

Interestingly we've never gotten up to 80˚F in the month of Nov. on record and that won't happen this year either. 

Temperature stats to start the month of November for Milwaukee

By Tuesday, Nov. 10 our consecutive 70˚F streak will come to an end but it's still very likely we'll experience above-average temperatures into the mid-portion of the month. Long term temperature outlooks keep us at least above average through Nov. 18.

8-14 Day Outlook between November 12th-18th