Milwaukee entering possibly the longest dry spell of 2020

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- The longest stretch of no measurable rainfall for Milwaukee in 2020 was May 1 through May 9. If we don't see trace amounts Friday, June 12, then we have a great chance of having an even dryer streak ahead.

Long term precipitation outlooks keep us dry through mid-next week and even those chances look spotty at best. Fortunately, during that time temperatures will stay mostly below average and will slow any drought concerns.

Precip forecast for the midwest through June 17

Looking closer at the coming days, we'll fall a good 10 degrees below average for the weekend. Conditions will feel more like early May than mid-June. Once we return to more seasonable temps Monday, we don't stop warming up through Wednesday. There is a chance we see rain next Thursday but a lot can change between now and then.

6-Day Planner for Milwaukee between June 12-17