Low likelihood southeast Wisconsin sees a white Christmas

Looking at long term temperature trends, whatever snow is still on the ground likely won't last through the holidays. The Midwest and all of Wisconsin is favored to see warmer than average temperatures from Dec. 23-29. Average temps during this time are generally low 30s but precipitation patterns at this time struggle to stay snow for very long.

The odds we see a White Christmas is very low with this pattern in place. 

Temperature outlook between Dec. 23-29

Our one shot at seeing snow is if a system favored moving through the northern half of the state shifts south on Dec. 23. This far-out forecasted snowfall can be very difficult but the general airmass temperature over the next two weeks is likely too warm to support snow. 

SkyVision for Wednesday, Dec. 23

Historical odds of seeing a white Christmas, according to the National Weather Service, is almost a coin flip for southeast Wisconsin. The farther north in the state the better odds you have and it looks like this year that's the case. 

White Christmas probabilities historically