July 22, 2010: Remembering 1 of the worst days of rainfall, flooding in SE Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- Ten years ago on July 22, 2010, southeast Wisconsin was witness to one of the worst days in terms of rainfall and flooding.

According to the storm report from the National Weather Service (NWS), parts of south-central and southeast Wisconsin experienced several rounds of record-setting torrential heavy rains during the afternoon and evening hours of July 22, 2010 that led to flash flooding and damage.

Significant notes from that day (according to NWS):

    In the end, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker issued a Declaration of a Major Disaster for Milwaukee County since more than 7 inches of rain fell around the county, and an estimated $23.9 million in damage in the private sector and over $10 million in the public sector which includes protective measures and clean-up costs.