Hold on tight! Gusts of wind make being outside a bit of a challenge

MILWAUKEE -- A wind advisory turned the day before Thanksgiving into something more than a busy travel day. It was blustery with a capital B.

Peak wind gusts were reported around 50 miles an hour for much of southeast Wisconsin. Down in the Chicago area, they were seeing peak gusts of more than 60 miles an hour.

Milwaukee's Christkindlmarket closed up shop due to the high winds. But other outdoor workers had no choice but to tough it out.

Jeff Hopp had to hold onto his hat, but felt safe on his ladder.

"I got a little weight on me -- and you put a little weight in your tool belt," Hopp said.

The wind was not so kind to the house across the street -- lifting a canopy straight off the ground and onto its roof.

"It was a good gust of wind that got it up there," Hopp said.

It was a blast of fall testing roofs and roofers before another Wisconsin winter arrives.

A quick note -- the wind also pulled the hat right off Amy DuPont's head. The cap is somewhere in Lake Michigan.