Historic snowfall out East has totals over three and a half feet

After a historic snowfall, much of the northeastern United States is waking up massive snow totals. The largest of which is over 40" which is double Milwaukee's record snowfall of 19" in a 24 hour period.

During the overnight, snow rates were as much as 5" per hour with gusty winds creating snowdrifts well over 6 feet in spots. In many instances, people's doorways are completely blocked and their decks are hardly recognizable. 

One of the biggest snow reports as of Thursday, Dec. 17 is Litchfield, NY at 43.0"

Nor'easters are low-pressure systems that rapidly intensify once reaching the Atlantic ocean. Moisture supplied by the Atlantic allows for snow totals typical in the Rocky Mountains to occur all along the eastern seaboard if conditions are right.

The one difference is this is heavy and wet snow. This makes clean up much more difficult and causes health issues to people with heart problems. 

Snowfall reports matched up with a color legend issued by the National Weather Service