Fox Point man alive after riding out Hurricane Dorian in Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Bill Raninen and Jennifer Jambor Raninen

ABACO ISLANDS, Bahamas -- A Fox Point man will return home after surviving Hurricane Dorian as it hit the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. It's a big relief even as Dorian continues to wreak havoc along the East Coast.

"All the trees are gone," said Jennifer Jambor Raninen, husband survived hurricane.

The devastation in the Bahamas is becoming clearer in the days since the hurricane moved on.

Jennifer Jambor Raninen says, it's easy to look at the structural damage done by Dorian. But deeper is the physical and emotional toll on those who call the islands like Treasure Clay, home. Jambor Raninen and her husband, Bill Raninen, have a property there.

Bill Raninen

Bill Raninen's home in Bahamas

Bill Raninen's home in Bahamas

Bill usually stays during hurricane season to work on their boat. But as Dorian moved in, their condo was being rented out. The storm came too fast to plan a way out.

Jennifer Jambor Raninen

"It happened fast and it was powerful and he took our renters upstairs," said Jabor Raninen. "He got out the ocean vests that have the lights and the whistles... they're up there and he's texting to me and you can see how bad it is. When it was time, we got to get back in now, it's starting to really pick up. I may not be able to talk too much -- that was 11:30 on Sunday."

For three days Jambor Raninen didn't hear from her husband. Meantime, pictures of the heavily damaged Abaco Islands trickled in.

On Wednesday, Sept. 4 Bill Raninen called to say he was alive. Then, the U.S. Coast Guard released video of rescue operations on Treasure Clay. In two of the shots was a blonde-haired, tanned man wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. It was Bill -- family and friends spotted him on national coverage.

Bill Raninen

Bill Raninen

Now on his way home, Jambor Raninen says they will no doubt be back to the Bahamas sooner rather than later to help rebuild.

"I just know what Bill has said, 'This was bad and it's going to get ten times worse now'," said Jambor Raninen.

Bill Raninen

If you would like you help in the hurricane relief efforts, here are a list of donation sites:

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund

YachtAid Global – Hurricane Dorian relief

National Association of the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Fund