Flooded river creates frayed nerves along Milwaukee River: 'Higher than we expected'

Flooding along Milwaukee River

THIENSVILLE -- Many homes and businesses along the Milwaukee River are dealing with flooding following heavy rain this week -- and that threat of flooding is far from over.

People come to Fiddleheads Coffee in Thiensville to look at the high water creeping onto the patio -- and close to the restaurant's doors.

"This is a little higher than we expected it to be. But we've been able to get a really good team of people just coming in and putting these sandbags right here," said Kevin McGuire, Fiddleheads manager.

Flooding along Milwaukee River

It is just one building along the Milwaukee River experiencing worse-than-usual flooding because of the heavy rain this week. Right now, the ground is saturated -- leaving the water with no place to go.

Flooding in Glendale

Further south in Glendale., private properties near Mill and Green Bay Avenue are becoming their own islands.

"What I've been doing is, I have to carry my dog when we go for a walk because he just can't get through this," said Judy Ormond, a Glendale resident.

The water is still rising -- and a few inches have seeped into basements.

Flooding in Glendale

"I had to rescue anything electronic in the garage," Ormond said.

Now all Ormond and her neighbors can do is turn off their furnaces and wait.

Back in Thiensville, Fiddleheads manager said the flooding is actually helping his business.

"It's actually almost like an attraction. People come to check it out," McGuire said.